29 Palms Band of Mission Indians
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29 Palms Mission Indians, Coachella California

"Children of the Wolf"

The 29 Palms Band of Mission Indians trace their origin back to the Chemeheuvi, a peaceful and nomadic tribe whose territory once covered Utah, Arizona, and southern Nevada. In the mid- 1800's the Chemeheuvi migrated from Colorado River Valley to the more remote areas of the Mojave Desert. In 1867, a group of Chemeheuvi settled at the Oasis of Twenty-Nine Palms (the present day Oasis of Mara). The twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians are their descendants.

As children of the Wolf, the Band has always drawn upon his strength and intelligence as well as the wit and survival skills of the coyote to endure and sustain themselves.

Today the Bands reservation lands are located near the town of Twenty Nine Palms, at the Intersection of I-10 and Highway 86, and includes the site of the Spotlight 29 Casino, whose proceeds help provide housing, education, and financial security for future generations.