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  Palm Springs USO
Palm Springs International Airport
3400 East Tahquitz Canyon Way #9
Palm Springs, CA 92262
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Phone: 760.866.1100
Fax: 760.866.1160

Last Updated: 10/06/2010 11:51
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Palm Springs International Airport USO
This conveniently located facility (adjacent to the baggage claim) features all the amenities and comfort of a modern commercial airline lounge. It is open daily from 8 a.m. until midnight. An all-volunteer staff supports its operations. We do everything possible to ensure our troops have a safe and comfortable place to relax while traveling through Palm Springs to US or worldwide destinations.

Since it opened in December 2006, the PSP USO center has been “a home away from home” for over 32,000 military guests and their family members.  Our volunteers work every day to assist our troops. We provide soft drinks, coffee, tea, water and snacks to visitors waiting for departing flights or transportation to the Marine Corps base at 29 Palms. Our lounge has comfortable furniture, a large flat-screen television and a library of classic films on DVD or video cassette. We have a number of PCs that provide free Internet access, a lending library of books, newspapers, magazines and more. We also provide emergency assistance to military guests experiencing unexpected delays or other urgent situations while traveling.

All our services are free of charge to active-duty and retired military men and women and their eligible dependents!   Your PSP Service Center is chartered by World USO to support our brave men and women in uniform as they travel between duty stations. That charter allows us to display the USO symbol and conduct a variety of programs like those at 170 USO Service Centers throughout the world. However, the charter does not provide funds to fulfill our mission. And the United States government provides no funds. Everything we do is funded solely by the generous contributions of money, goods and services donated by patriotic citizens and organizations right here in the Coachella Valley. Without that continuous support our doors would close and our unpaid volunteers would be forced to disband. Please do all you can to prevent that from happening.   
Become a volunteer or make a tax-deductible donation by calling 760-866-1100 or visit the official site today! Please help us to support our troops!