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Coachella Guide
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"City of Eternal Sunshine"

The City of Coachella (ko"uchel'u), located 28 miles east of Palm Springs, is known as the Gateway to the Salton Sea and has been one of the fastest growing California areas in the late 20th century.

Originally named "Woodspur," the current city name change came in 1901 and is believed to be a mispelling of the word "Conchilla," a Spanish word for the small white snail shells found in the sandy soil throughout the valley, remnants of a long gone lake.

Like many of it's valley neighbors, the City of Coachella's history is rich in Southern Pacific Railroad expansion and Native American culture, specifically the Cabazon, Twentynine-Palms and Augustine Band of Native Americans. Each respective Tribe has survived centuries of adversity through self-reliance and adaptation in many forms, including the adjacent casinos: Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino, Spotlight 29, and Augustine Casino.

This eastern valley city is famous for its large year-round farm and fruit agriculture, contributing a sizable share of the countries lemon, orange, date and grapefruit production. Migrant workers & their families make up a large portion of the city population and culture. Commerce & Culture mix beautifully in this business friendly diverse city of Eternal Sunshine.