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DeLuca Jewelers
73655 El Paseo
Suite F
Palm Desert, CA 92260
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Phone: 760.773.1763
Fax: 760.773.3602

Last Updated: 12/17/2009 11:59

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In March 1943, G.I. from West Virginia met a California girl at
the Hollywood Palladium. You know them (Joe & Ann DeLuca)
from their store on beautiful El Paseo: DeLuca Jewelers.
The Coachella Valley has had many legends who lived, worked,
performed and played here. Joe DeLuca is “The Legend” in the
jewelry business. In 1947, when DeLuca Jewelers opened on Crenshaw Boulevard
in Los Angeles, other jewelry stores and department stores, lacked instore
repair and redesign departments. DeLuca Jewelers was the first
to offer in-store repairs of fine jewelry and watches, in-store design
of fine jewels, redesign of old gems, and gemological appraisals.
Joe’s factory and showroom were located near Los Angeles
International Airport from 1970 through 1986. Many travelers from
the world over met DeLuca through the recommendation of pilots
and flight attendants who found DeLuca Jewelers could take care
of all their jewelry needs. Many of DeLuca’s clients from those
early years now come to the Coachella Valley to see Joe and his
fine staff for their jewelry needs. Suppliers of fine gems from around the world know that DeLuca
Jewelers buys the best diamonds and precious jewels for their
inventory of fine jewels. Estate jewelry collectors also know DeLuca for
its extensive collection of estate and pre-owned fine watches and jewelry                                                                                                                                Early customers tell stories of visiting DeLuca on Crenshaw or
his Westchester (near LAX), Sherman Oaks, Del Amo, or Century
City stores, learning that they could wait while their jewels were
repaired or cleaned. One of Joe’s favorite stories is from Nicola Infantino. Nicola
inherited his father’s diamond ring and needed to have it sized to
fit. He was told by other jewelers that he had to wait days or even
weeks to have it sized. He couldn’t leave his dad’s precious ring
with just anyone. He heard that if he went to DeLuca Jewelers he
could wait and watch while his ring was sized to fit. Nick, like
so many of DeLuca’s early customers, became one of Joe’s best
friends — “cumbare” as they say in Italy.
The year 1962 brings to mind a great memory for Joe: when he
received a call from Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra was looking for the
“lucky horn” — known as “cornichia” in Italy. When frank found
that DeLuca could make the “lucky horn” in any size, he had his
pilot fly from Vegas to Los Angeles to pick up the cornichia, a gift
he needed for the baptism of his new godchild.
Many wonderful charity organizations and their volunteers
in the Coachella Valley know of Joe DeLuca’s generosity. Never
forgetting his humble beginning in the coal mining area of West
Virginia, Joe feels it’s his responsibility and that of local businesses
to give back to the community. Joe is still doing the work he loves: designing, selecting fine
products from around the world, and repairing beautiful jewels
for generations of his many satisfied clients. Don’t miss the
opportunity to meet Joe — “the legend.” His experience over
the years and his knowledge of selecting fine gems and the best
craftsmanship guarantee that you will receive the best in service
and quality at DeLuca Jewelers. Ann is working on a book so generations to come will know
“the legend,” Joe DeLuca, the son of Italian immigrants, and be
encouraged to follow their dreams, and yes they’re still dancing