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  Christopher's Clubhouse
P.O. Box 5444
La Quinta, CA 92248
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Phone: 866.546.7464

Last Updated: 06/28/2008 13:25
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User: tom
City: Palm Springs
Date: 06-28-2008
I had the pleasure of meeting Mika; the mother of Christopher and the women behind this wonderful charity. This is one person who can and has made a difference in making our children safer. Donate Now!
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Christopher's Clubhouse

Our goal is to provide a safe, structured environment to empower and educate children and parents on a variety of safety criteria in order for children to develop the skills necessary to avoid exploitation.

Our Programs include:
-A 10-hour safety education program for children 5-12 years of age.
-A 1 hour Parent Information Seminar on Internet Safety for their Children - there is a predator in your living room - on your computer.
-Internet Safety programs for "tweens" and Teens
-The Samantha's PRIDE Neighorhood Child Protection Program.

Through participatory exhibitions and innovative programs, Christopher's Clubhouse:
Provides an educational course, teaching the radKids Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program.
Reaches out to children and parents of diverse backgrounds and cultures throughout the Coachella Valley.
Offers a fun and stimulating environment where parents and children can learn from law enforcement, educators and concerned parents that have been trained and certified.

Children are targeted as victims because they are more vulnerable than adults. They are more trusting and far easier to lure into dangerous situations. Statistics show:
• An estimated 797,500 children are reported missing each year. In 40 percent of stereotypical kidnapping cases, the child was killed.
• Last year over 10,000 children stayed home from school at least once a month fearing bullies and half the children surveyed were bullied weekly.
• 896,000 children were determined to be victims of child abuse and neglect. That is one child every 35 SECONDS.
• There is one sex offender for every square mile in the United States. A typical molester will abuse 30 to 60 children before they are arrested.

It only takes seconds for a child without training to be lured into a dangerous situation. As much as you would like to, you can’t be with your child every minute of the day to protect them.

So how can you teach your children the skills they need to protect themselves without scaring them?
Christopher's Clubhouse uses the radKIDS curriculum that actually trains children, in a multi-sensory, fun and interactive environment, to respond to dangerous scenarios. Children are taught safety education; everything from Home Safety to Defense Against Abduction by doing simulated activities. Once they’ve actually done it, and practiced it, the necessary skills will come naturally and instinctively in a dangerous situation. Through radKIDS training, children become empowered learning to replace the fear, confusion, and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self- esteem.

For more information or to schedule classes, please contact us at: